For five years, as the nights turned cold and leaves started to change, men and women donned their flannel and made a pilgrimage to the tiny town of Red Cliff, Colorado, for a weekend of uniquely-Colorado fun. The competition, which began at Mango’s Mountain Grill, the only restaurant in the quaint mountain town, is now located at Nottingham Park in Avon, Co. 


While there is plenty of nostalgia associated with the town of Red Cliff and the setting, organizers knew that a change was needed in order for the event to remain viable.  Fortunately, the Town of Avon has an exceptional venue and is excited to team up to bring the small-town event to a bigger arena to help the organizers fulfill their vision of raising money for a great cause. 


It was a difficult decision for the husband and wife team that organizes the event, but the right move to achieve the goals and maximize the potential of the event.  “We dearly love Red Cliff and always will, but with increased expenses and stagnant revenue we needed a change to make the event work,” Amanda commented.  “And the Town of Avon seemed like a perfect fit to help us achieve our goals of helping to change lives through Can Do Multiple Sclerosis.”


 “The Town of Avon is thrilled to partner with the Man of The Cliff event, not just to bring another great event to our town, but also to support a charity that started right here in our backyard, Councilor Jake Wolf commented.  “There is something powerful about what Amanda and Adam have initiated and to be able to see the event grow with proceeds doing such good in the world, is something we all can get behind and find important in our busy lives.”

Man of the Cliff is an amateur lumberjack competition which caters more to the “weekend lumberjack” than it does to those in the profession.  While events such as axe throwing, archery, keg toss, speed chopping, spear throwing, caber toss and sledgehammer throwing sound like far more than the average Joe can handle, most have been modified to allow men and women of all sizes to compete and focus more on finesse than strength.


Though it may seem like all fun and games, the roots of the event run deeper as 100% of the proceeds raised are donated to Avon-based charity Can Do MS, which delivers health and wellness educational programs to families living with MS.  


Those who have been fortunate enough to attend previously can expect more of the same humor, relaxed atmosphere and fun-loving crowd from years past.  Newcomers will be surprised at how addictive and therapeutic axe throwing feels.  All who attend can expect an epic weekend of beer, brawn, and laughter in an amazing new setting.